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Battle of the Bulge 12


Errors like whoa!

Battle Twelve

His grip was tight on the wheel beneath his sweaty palms. With a couple more deep exhales he eases his foot off the brakes just like Kyuhyun had instructed him to do. Slowly but surely the vehicle pulled and began rolling forward slightly. He stumbles a little and presses on the brakes to halt the car. It’s not as bad as it had been the last time he had stepped on the brake too quickly and the warning pinch Kyuhyun gives him on the leg is not as harsh.

Yesung lifts his foot again, releasing the hold on the brakes slightly and allows the car to move once again. He smiles to himself as he listens to the gravelly sound of the tires turning on the pavement.

“Now give us some gas” which by now he understands to mean ‘Press on the gas pedal’

His left foot twitches for him to use it but he denies the action. Taking his right foot fully off the brakes he quickly rushes it over the gas pedal and lightly presses down on it. The car moves at a more suitable pace and although Yesung feels nervous up to his hair roots, the feeling that he’s the one in charge of the vehicle floods through his veins excitedly.

“You’re doing good” Kyuhyun is leaning over to look at him, the trainer’s eyes roaming over Yesung’s posture and movement. Other vehicles past him and he flinches at how fast they’re going.

‘Bunch of animals’ he hisses, in awe at one particular mini-van which zooms past them like it was being chased by the devil himself.

Yesung complains to Kyuhyun about the other drivers, to which the other boy responds,

“Never mind them. Just concentrate on going forward.  You’re not breaking any laws by driving really, really slow and I mean you’re driving really, really, really, really, REALLY, reeeeaallly…”

“Oh shut up” Yesung mutters, knowing that Kyuhyun is just teasing.

He’s happy the other boy isn’t pushing him to go faster and with that little confidence boost he continues to cruise smoothly and coolly.

At some point Kyuhyun relaxes back into the passenger seat, allowing himself the bliss of closing his eyes. Feeling a bit mischievous Yesung presses harder on the gas pedal and the car rushes forward, jolting Kyuhyun into the dashboard. There’s no serious damage done and Yesung is quick to tap gently on the brake to slow the car back down to a more manageable speed.

Kyuhyun pinches him on the thigh.

“Ouch. You know most driving teachers don’t inflict physical injuries” Yesung mutters, feeling the urge to reach over and pinch Kyuhyun back but he doesn’t dare take one of his hands off the wheel or his eyes off the road.

“Most driving teachers make you drive stick. So suck it up before I overcharge you for my services”

“Hm. I hope you have insurance” Yesung jokes. Kyuhyun laughs heartily.

“The way you’re driving, I’m pretty sure we’d be safe” The trainer pats Yesung on his upper thigh, leaving his hand there as he leans back into his seat to relax once more.

Kyuhyun’s palm is unbelievably warm on Yesung’s thigh, even through the material of his khakis. However its presence is somewhat comforting as he continues to drive all on his own. He grins to himself. He would’ve never thought about practicing to drive, since he seemed to have had a fear of it. Kyuhyun had given him the opportunity to learn today and although he had been skeptical at first, the other boy’s persistence and willingness to teach him was sincere enough for him to make an attempt.


It’s two days before they are due to return. Most of the challenges they have discovered or conducted so far have been successful, while others led to thoroughly unwanted attention and weird looks from people who thought they were insane.

As of now it is nearing eight o clock and they’ve been in this new town since mid-afternoon. Kyuhyun had out did himself by performing five out of the seven challenges they did, all by himself. He was definitely a better risk taker than Yesung, despite his earlier protests at the beginning.

When Yesung asks him about his newfound courage, Kyuhyun shrugs and says,

“I can’t have people like Siwon having all the fun” he laughs, swiping a hand through his sweaty hair. He turns to ask Yesung if they should stop by a local restaurant for dinner but pauses at the knowing smile on the other boy’s face.

Yesung doesn’t say anything and Kyuhyun inevitably has to ask, “What?”

“You’re jealous of Siwon” the other boy accuses.

Kyuhyun scoffs and rolls his eyes, “No, I am not. That’s…like, so below me”

Yesung folds his arms, giving Kyuhyun a raised eyebrow, “I know your lying”

The trainer stops walking, “I’m not lying” he says, looking Yesung dead in the eye.

“When you lie you get this really weird wrinkle between your forehead”

Calling his bluff, Kyuhyun protests, “Now that’s a lie. I don’t…” he touches the spot Yesung had just pointed out, “See, there’s nothing there” he pokes his tongue out childishly.

Placing his hands on his hips, Yesung sighs, “Are you jealous of Siwon?”

The wrinkle appeared unknowingly to Kyuhyun who was already shouting, “I’m not. Why should I be?”

Yesung tilted his head at him, “He totally showed you up back at the first challenge. I bet you’re doing all this just to reload your ego”

Kyuhyun frowns as if thinking this over, then he shrugs, “Fine. But it’s not because I’m jealous. I’m just competitive I guess. And besides he didn’t ‘show me up’, he was just, I don’t know, trying to impress you or something. He is such an attention whore. I’m sure Han…”

Yesung waves a finger in front of him to silence the other boy, snorting with laughter, “You’re the biggest attention whore I know. And do you even know Siwon well enough to be spouting all this crap about him”

Kyuhyun scoffs, “Why are you getting all defensive about him?” he makes a comical face as if to say ‘HMMMM????’

“He’s my friend!...”

“Yeah I bet you wish you were more than friends”

Yesung pauses in his rant, staring at Kyuhyun like he thought the other boy had lost his mind. However, Kyuhyun did not seem to catch this and continued blabbering helplessly.

“…You’ve mention him quite a lot and I mean I know you have other friends, so I’m wondering why his name comes up in like almost every conversation. I swear he’s asking over what amount of your brain is left. And he’s been taking a lot of notice in you too, do you see the way he looks at you?” he pauses to look at Yesung, the shorter boy is gaping at him, “Of course you don’t. You’re always so clueless. It’s only because you’re getting smaller. I’m sure he wouldn’t have been so chummy if you were still the same size and don’t forget….”

“You’re jealous that I might like Siwon!” Yesung finally interrupts him, pointing an accusing finger at Kyuhyun’s chest.

The trainer bats the hand away from him, “What? Where the hell do you come up with this stuff? I’m just looking out for you best interest” his words held some truth but also a fierce protectiveness that made Yesung swoon on the inside.

“Oh my God! You’re jealous Siwon might want me but you don’t like the thought of that because you want me too” Yesung might be oblivious but after listening to Kyuhyun’s rant he was putting together a whole bunch of accusations based on what he had heard and from the expressions flying across Kyuhyun’s face.

“No! I…” Seeing Yesung’s eyes were focused on his forehead, Kyuhyun claps his hands over it, sealing it from view, “Stop judging me based on my forehead. It always does that!”

“No it doesn’t! I’ve noticed it happening quite a lot when you lie or feel cornered”

Kyuhyun smirks, “So you’ve been studying my face quite a lot?”

Not taking the bait, Yesung offhandedly says, “I’ve used your body before so it’s kind of old news. Your face is the only safe place for me”

A spike of arousal hits Kyuhyun and he shakes his head to remove the oncoming thoughts of their drunken night together.

“And besides, even if Siwon was interested in me for my new body. It’s not really your business”

Removing his hands from his forehead, Kyuhyun scowls, “I thought you might’ve wanted to know just how shallow he was. He’s just swooping in now to test you out and you, with your shy, vulnerable face will be unaccustomed to men showering you with their sweet words and before you know it you’re face down on his bed…”

Yesung grabs Kyuhyun by his shirt and shakes the boy bodily before pushing him harshly. After catching his balance, Kyuhyun cradles his chest, rubbing at the sore spot Yesung’s rough shove had caused.

“Do you realize you just described yourself? You! Swooped in! You! Took advantage of my so called, shy and vulnerable face and YOU! Alleged showered me with sweet words, got your way, not once, but TWICE and you’re trying to give me advice!? I know for a fact that Siwon is not as much of an ass as….”

Kyuhyun turns away and begins striding in the direction of where he had parked the car.

“Where are you going!?” Yesung yells, chasing after the other boy.

“I’m hungry! And this discussion is pointless. So fuck it and let’s go eat!”

Temporarily stunned at the other’s boy’s harsh tone, Yesung skips a step, almost tripping over, before regaining his balance. Wrapping his arms around himself, an adrenalin rush of sort washed over him. This little exchange had left him with a lot to think about. There was no denying Kyuhyun’s jealousy. The other boy might be concerned that Siwon only wished to take what he wanted from Yesung but that concern came from a side of Kyuhyun that cared deeply for Yesung.

A side that Yesung himself had only dreamed about seeing and now that he had seen it for himself he wasn’t about to let it fade into the background.  Kyuhyun did feel something for him and although Yesung wanted to nag the trainer until he admitted it, he knew nagging would only make Kyuhyun more defensive and withdrawn. If the other boy was going to confess he was going to have to do it on his terms. That doesn’t mean Yesung could not provide some…motivation.


Kyuhyun’s phone is ringing again and as the other boy moans and tries to bury his head into the pillows, he finds that his nose comes up pressed against a firm surface. He scratches it back and forth on the surface and figures out quickly that it’s covered with cloth and that he’s probably lying on someone’s back. His eyes snap open. He jerks his head back a little, shaking the sleep from it but also taking in as much of the situation as possible.

He’s spooned behind Yesung.

‘Well at least I’m the big spoon’ he sighs in relief.

Immediately after that thought he startles at the feel of Yesung shifting backwards into his embrace and it doesn’t go unnoticed that the other boy’s bum is being pressed back deliciously against his morning wood. A mischievous thought hits him and before he can resist the temptation he grinds forward a little, enjoying the content sigh Yesung releases before slapping himself mentally.

‘His ass is really comfy’ he comments to himself.

With a loud grunt he pushes off the bed, tumbling unto the ground. His phone has stopped ringing but that is the least of his concerns. He had somehow managed to land painfully on his erect penis and barks out a loud curse.

Yesung doesn’t stir.

Kyuhyun stands up, still swearing under his breath. He looks at Yesung still quietly asleep and frowns.

Yesung almost always wakes up at the slightest noise, never missing an opportunity to yell at Kyuhyun to be quiet. The more he stares at Yesung’s face, the more Kyuhyun can see that his sleep is being faked. Eventually Yesung seems to squirm under the scrutiny of Kyuhyun’s gaze and a small smile appears on his lips. Kyuhyun snorts and pinches him sharply on the buttock.

“You whore” he teases, watching with amusement as Yesung jumps at the pinch, falling out of bed with the blankets still wrapped around his ankles.

Raising from the ground, Yesung stretches, a decent amount of his smooth stomach showing. He doesn’t have rock hard abs or even a slight washboard, but the soft look of his slightly rounded belly did things to Kyuhyun’s already simulated groin.

He charges toward the bathroom.

“You were the one rubbing that thing against me just now”

“Oh shut up”

Regardless of the fact that Yesung was now awake and fully aware that Kyuhyun had gone to bathroom, the trainer could not resist jerking off. He didn’t care if he had to look at Yesung’s smug knowing face when he got back out. A cold shower might work but all that built up sexual frustration from the past few days has caught with him and he gives in to the temptation.

Sticky and a bit breathless he decides to take the shower anyway.  Stripping off his clothes he uses his non-semen covered hand to turn on the warm water.

“HOLY FUCKING COW!” he yells as the cold liquid assaults his body. Shivering desperately he goes to turn the other knob but then ends up getting hit by another spray of cold water.

“Kyuhyun, are you alright?” Yesung sounds frantic and suddenly the shower curtain is pulled across. He steps out from under the spray as much as he can, bumping into Yesung.

‘Didn’t I lock the door?’ he thinks to himself but apparently he had said it out loud since Yesung answers,

“The locks don’t seem to work”

“Ne-neither does the f-f-foo-king hot water!” Arms wrap around his shoulder and hands begin to rub up and down his shoulders, warming him up a little. The hands move, when Yesung returns he tosses a towel over Kyuhyun’s shoulders.

“T-thanks” Yesung comes to stand in front him, giving him a wide grin, “Death by cold water” he reaches out and pats Kyuhyun’s left check affectionately, “You are such a baby sometimes”

Kyuhyun pouts, his body still trembling. Freakishly cold water was not something to mock, he wanted to shout but his lips didn’t seem to work.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell Siwon. Wouldn’t want you look any less of a man in front of him”

The trainer chooses to ignore the comment, proceeding to straighten his body, walking past Yesung with what little manliness he could stir up. Kyuhyun frowned. Yesung was reaching to turn off the pipes without getting into the shower and Kyuhyun smiles devilishly as a plan formed.

With a sudden movement he bumped Yesung sharply on the hip, sending the other boy tripping and fumbling into the shower. The open pipes showed no mercy to its new victim.


The women in the playground looked as if they were on the verge of calling the police. They had just arrived in a new town just moments before spotting a kiddy park with a swing and slide.

One of the challenges required that one of them take a picture on a swing while the two teammates must take a picture of both of them sliding down a slide.

Kyuhyun thankfully didn’t break the swing and after a couple of shots of that, Yesung sadly had the task of asking someone to take a picture of them on the slide. He had grown accustom to explaining the reason why they wanted such strange pictures but explaining it to these angry looking parents was quite difficult. One woman even pulled her son away from the swing, nervously glancing at them as if they planned to kidnap her little boy.

“Who does she feel she is? I have way better taste in children. I’d take the cutest one here” Kyuhyum had mumbled while getting onto the swing.

“Would you shut up? These moms don’t need another excuse as to why they should call the cops on us”

The mom that agrees to take their pictures looks like she’s taking a bullet for all the other mothers. She’s only doing this task as a means of getting these two teenagers out of their children’s play zone.

Kyuhyun notices the way the other mom’s turn up their noses at them as both teens climb onto the small slide. They fit a bit snugly but it’s fun nonetheless.

Just to be an ass, Kyuhyun wraps his arms around Yesung’s waist as they slide down the short path. He grins at the camera and although Yesung had been a bit shocked at the gesture at first, he too turns toward the camera and smiles. The ride is over to quickly but they’ve got the picture and it’s time to leave.

The woman waves him off as he tries to say thank you but Yesung doesn’t let her crappy attitude stop the stupid grin that’s on his face.

After all the mishaps in the past, he knew for a fact that Kyuhyun wanted him, mostly for his body but nonetheless the other boy had definitely shown a physical interest in him. This morning’s little tease had proven to Yesung that that interest still existed. As he piled up the situations that had happened over the past few days, he had no doubt that Kyuhyun liked him, maybe even had a crush on him.

With the whole buying him new clothes, bringing him ice cream, slow dancing publically in the park, at first he just assumed that Kyuhyun was being nice to him but now he was determined to believe that the other boy was wooing him.

He smiles happily to himself. Heechul had warned him firsthand to beware of Kyuhyun, that he shouldn’t go charging in while Kyuhyun was being a no good jackass flirt but now that the other boy was actually being sweet and…not as big an asshole, maybe, maybe they could give this thing a try.

Now all Kyuhyun had to do was say directly to Yesung what he felt.

“The more you smile like that, the more people think I’m good in bed” Kyuhyun whispers into his ear, bringing Yesung out of his thoughts. The shorter boy nudges Kyuhyun in the side,

“Since when do you resist the chance to inflate your ego dishonestly?”

Kyuhyun puts on an outraged look, “I’ll have you know my ego can inflate itself”

“Whatever. What are you buying me for lunch?” Yesung glances at his watch.

His trainer stops walking causing Yesung to stop as well and look up at the boy questioningly,

“I’m spoiling you rotten, aren’t I? No manners whatsoever”

Yesung purses his lips and bats his eyelashes sweetly, “Can you please buy me lunch now, bitch?”

Snorting with laughter, Kyuhyun ruffles the other boy’s hair cutely before continuing their walk. Ignoring the glances they’re getting, Yesung jogs briefly to catch up with him.

“You’re lucky you’re cute” Kyuhyun tells him, a dash of pink on his cheeks. Yesung grins back in reply, his heart beating heavily with a powerful thrill.


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