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Yesung pinches Kyuhyun on the knuckle, the other boy making a low hissing sound and pulling his hand back from where it had previously been molesting Yesung’s thigh.

Kyuhyun pouts at his reddened hand. So far he has received a total of 17 pinches on it but once the hurt wears off he’s back to his usual pervy groping.

Yesung rolls his eyes, rising on all fours before easing backwards until his back was leaned up against the far wall. He grabs his notebooks; bringing them back in front of him.

“Can I have something to drink?” Kyuhyun asks. He frowns at how far Yesung had moved from him.

Yesung barely glances up from his studying,

“You know where the fridge is. Or ask mom to get one for you”

The trainer doesn’t like that response and therefore flops down on the bed, lying on his tummy and making groaning sounds.

“Yesung, I’m bored!”

This time Yesung does look up, finding Kyuhyun’s pleading eyes aimed at him.

“You’ve hardly studied since you got here”

Kyuhyun reaches for his open textbook which he had discarded 20 minutes ago. He frowns at the words, as if not recognizing his own language.

“I thought you said we were going to have fun! This isn’t fun!”

The taller boy slams the book shut, pushing it away from his sights until it plops onto the ground.

Yesung sighs, taking a breath before answering. He is quickly discovering just how immature Kyuhyun can get from time to time.

Suddenly the other boy perks up and dashes off the bed. Yesung warily follows the movement with his eyes. Kyuhyun makes a strange sound, his back is turned to Yesung and therefore the shorter boy cannot see what has captured his boyfriend’s attention

“You kept it?” he whirls, holding out a withering rose, the rose Yesung had received for Valentine’s day from his admirer.

Rolling his eyes, Yesung nodded. “Just because it’s from a secret admirer doesn’t mean it wasn’t very sweet of them to give me a gift” He wonders if Kyuhyun is making all this fuss about the rose because he thought Yesung had kept out of fascination with this alleged secret admirer.

“Of course it was sweet. I just never expected you to keep the rose for so long. If I had known you wanted a souvenir I would’ve brought you the plastic ones”

Yesung’s abrupt, “What?” frightens Kyuhyun, jolting the other man out of his thoughts.

“You mean, YOU! Left me the note and the rose”

Kyuhyun smiles, “You didn’t know? I thought I was so obvious. I wanted to make you feel special” He shrugs, “But didn’t want you to know it was from me. So I made it out to be a secret admirer”

Yesung frowns, trying to think back. He shakes his head, failing to wrap his mind around the fact that Kyuhyun had left him that note, the same note he had kept neatly tucked inside one of his textbooks.

“Who did you think it was from?”

“Definitely not you”

Kyuhyun smirks, “Well I was in denial about my attraction towards you but I had this thought that I should leave you something for Valentine’s day. You always looked so pouty; I figured a secret admirer would cheer you up”

Yesung grunts and throws a pillow at him.

You had me and almost all he readers reading this story tricked into thinking it was Siwon

Kyuhyun looks at him in confusion, raising an eyebrow, “What?”

“I said you could have just come out and told me it was you. See if you’re honest about things, then you won’t suffer the consequences of your deceit”

Kyuhyun cringes, watching as Yesung folded his arms. He knows the other boy is talking about Gina.

“I know babe, but it’s all in the past now. I’m just happy you liked it enough to keep the rose, even though it’s practically dead”

“I have the note too” Yesung grumbles.

Kyuhyun grins at the admission. Jumping back onto the bed, he plans to sneak a quick kiss.

 A knock comes at the door, they both look up to see Yesung’s dad sticking his head inside the room.

“I heard groaning…” he eyes them suspiciously. “Is someone in pain?”

“No dad, Kyuhyun’s just fed up of studying”

His dad frowns, “Kyuhyun why are you on the bed?”

The trainer’s eyes widen a bit, looking utterly guilty as he rolls off of the bed. He avoids looking at the older man as he walks toward the beanbag chair on the other side of the room.

Yesung’s dad smiles, nodding happily once Kyuhyun was a good distance away from his son.

“That’s better. Now Kyuhyun, you know these exams are important for your future right?”

“Yes sir”

Yesung rolls his eyes mentally when he notices how pleased his father is at the fact that Kyuhyun calls him ‘sir’.

“Good. You might regret not using these leisure hours properly. Do you want to stay for dinner?”

“I know, sir. Uh, yes, yes, thank you sir”

The older man grins, “No problem. Saya’s trying out a new recipe and needs all the guinea pigs she can get” he winks at the both of them. Kyuhyun chuckles heartily.

“I’ll alert you when dinner’s ready”

The door falls shut behind Yesung’s dad and Kyuhyun hurriedly launches out of the beanbag chair, reaching the bed and climbing toward Yesung on all fours.

“We’ve been studying for 2 hours now”

Yesung shakes his head, “No. I’ve been studying for 2 hours. You’ve been whining like a bitch for the past hour and a half”

Kyuhyun grimaces. He does not whine like a bitch. He merely complains in a very high voice.

Taking a chance he leans in for a fast kiss, catching Yesung off guard as his lips graze over the shorter boy’s lower jaw. Yesung pulls back and wiggles a finger at him.

“My dad is already suspicious of you. And you are still on probation mister. Now go back to your beanbag chair”

Grunting his irritation, Kyuhyun face plants into the soft mattress. Yesung had this so called relationship probation thing whereas they were taking things slow…like really fucking slow.

According to Yesung, the rules were ‘No kissing, no inappropriate touching, definitely no sex…’

After the ‘no sex’ part Kyuhyun had stopped listening. They’ve been back together for 12 days now and already he was so blown away by his attraction for Yesung that he was horny enough to fuck a brick.

He knows they can’t just jump right into sex after all that had happened. He understands Yesung’s hesitation and can agree with taking things slow. But that does not mean he can’t have cravings.

He remembers trying not to pop a boner while watching Yesung undress in the changing rooms at the gym. However the next time they had changed together Kyuhyun had benn lost in a sea of lust and latched onto the other boy, grinding his cock against Yesung’s hip while whispering dirty things.

Yesung had pushed him off, gave him a speech about self-control and then he had decided that they should start changing separately. Kyuhyun had been insulted by the suggestion but Yesung had glared him into submission.

4 months ago, if someone had told him he would be sexually frustrated over Yesung, Kyuhyun would’ve laughed in their faces.

Back then Yesung used to sweat like melting butter whenever he moved and Kyuhyun had thought it was a major turn off. But now, he would do anything to taste that sweat, to lick it off of Yesung’s warm skin as he nudged his cock inside that hot, beautiful…

“Kyuhyun, if my dad hears you moaning like that he’s going to bring up a shotgun next time”

The trainer grunts out an unintelligible response, rolling onto his back.

“I’m sexually frustrated and it’s all your fault”

He’s not looking at Yesung and therefore misses the heavy blush that overcomes the other boy’s face.

“H-how? I don’t do anything particularly sexy”

“You don’t have to. My sex deprived brain fills in all the fantasies” he turns to face Yesung, “I saw you biting your pen today and thought it was the hottest thing ever”

Yesung frowns at him in horror as if Kyuhun had just picked his nose and ate the booger.

“You are sick in the brain aren’t you? Everything is just sex, sex, sex.”

Kyuhyun gasps, “No it’s not! I have other thoughts too”

Yesung smirks, “Like what?”

…a naked Yesung lying on a platter…

…biting Yesung on the ass…

…spanking that ass…


‘chewing…chewing on Siwon’s leg?...’

Kyuhyun tackles him instead of trying to answer. However instead of going in for a kiss or copping a feel, he chooses to tickle Yesung. The other boy immediately tenses up, his arms flailing desperately as he tries to get away.

“You think it’s funny, huh?” He grunts, “Making me all hot and bothered” he cannot help but laugh as Yesung releases a high pitched squeal.

“K-kyuhyun, y-you ass! Lemme alone” he twists onto his side but Kyuhyun just straddles his hip bone and keeps him in place.

When Yesung is nothing but a giggling mess of tears and drool, Kyuhyun stops.

He’s a bit out of breath and is caught off guard when Yesung’s hip buckles sharply underneath him, shoving him off. He lands besides Yesung turning on his side to face the shorter boy.

“I still won” he declares, grinning brightly.

Yesung scoffs, “It wasn’t a competition”

They continue to hold each other’s gaze for a moment before bursting out in laughter.

Kyuhyun’s hand automatically shoots out to wipe a few strands of hair that fall over Yesung’s eyes. He finds his fingers lingring over the skin of Yesung’s cheek.

“KYUHYUN! GET OFF THE BED!” the yell is from Saya this time and it comes all the way from downstairs.

Sighing, Kyuhyun raises up.

“How do they know, anyway?”

Yesung shrugs. His parents had a knack for interrupting their intimate staring sessions.

“My dad thinks you’re afraid of him”

Standing, Kyuhyun frowns, “Does he really own a shotgun?”

Yesung raises an eyebrow at the question, “Um, yeah. But it’s…”

Kyuhyun rushes back over to the beanbag chair, “Then yes, I am afraid of him”

He sends Yesung a teasing grin, “Throw my textbook for me”

Instead of tossing it like some kind of ball, Yesung gets off the bed and hands it to Kyuhyun.

“Don’t forget. I’m helping out the prom committee on Saturday. You can stop by and lend us a hand” Yesung reminds him.

Kyuhyun takes the book, nodding. “Sure, sure”

He’s browsing through his textbook with a bored expression and therefore doesn’t see Yesung staring at him, the other boy biting his lips nervously.

Kyuhyun still hadn’t asked him to his date at prom.



Apparently this new last minute fundraiser was planned in order to deal with the cost of buying a couple of decorations and items that been damaged in an accidental case of flooding at school.

The desperate people who were organizing the prom under the theme ‘Mirror, Mirror’ were utterly pissed at first but were quick to guilt the principal into allowing them to have an event to raise funds.

Being the sweetheart that he was, Yesung had been easily persuaded to take part in the fundraiser. He would be working alongside Luna, who had volunteered also, Heechul and Sohee, who just liked to be involved in everything, and a couple of other goody two shoes.

Kyuhyun didn’t want to do any work but since Yesung was involved and begged him prettily, he decided to show up and at least donate some cash. He knew that prom was a big deal for almost every senior. It was the epitome of life at High School. He had never actually put much thought into how he would’ve wanted his prom to be like. Some teens liked to use the night as an opportunity for the perfect moment to lose one’s virginity.

He had heard a couple of seniors bragging last year about renting out a hotel room for the entire night. Kyuhyun didn’t have a virginity to offer, well technically he was still a virgin if you count the fact that he’s never had anal sex, but he wasn’t giving up his ass-ginity anytime soon. Neither was he planning on renting some sleazy motel room just for the sake of getting laid. He was horny as fuck but unless Yesung showed genuine interest in doing the deed, he’d just have to wait.

He had planned on asking the other boy to be his date, but Yesung is theoretically already his boyfriend, therefore asking seems irrelevant. They should automatically go together, right? Yesung hadn’t mentioned anything and he assumes the other boy feels the same way. He had already brought their tickets, well, the way they sold if was buy one for yourself and get a free one for your date, but whatever, he still had their tickets ready.

There was a slight traffic at first, but it thins out as he approaches his school. The fundraiser is supposed to be a car wash. Yesung had told him that the committee plans on gaining as much customers as possible through friendly invitations and flyers, wash their cars at a small price and hopefully gain enough money to replace what they had lost.

He pulls into the school’s parking lot which has now been transformed into a scene of gushing water and soap suds. There is a large banner overhead, which boldly announces,


There are about 3 cars other cars in front him, two of them are currently being washed side by side while the third is waiting to pull into a free spot. Girls and boys are running around splashing water on each other and the cars, while others are wiping the cars dry. The girls have taken this opportunity to wear bikinis or extremely short pants with bikini tops meanwhile the guys are rocking swim trunks, freely walking around shirtless.

He spots a couple of familiar student vehicles parked to the left, his eyes tracking a particular girl as she attempts to look sexy while biting on the sponge she’s supposed to be washing the car with. She giggles at something the driver says, practically shoving her breasts into his face. Kyuhyun shakes his head, if things get any more explicit the principal is going to ban prom on the account of indecency conduct.

A peculiar sight races past his vision and he follows the movement. The guy is wearing a soaking wet yellow t-shirt that is currently sticking onto his torso. He’s not twink skinny, but he’s fit looking enough that Kyuhyun wonders why he doesn’t have his shirt off like all the other boys.

 The guy however does have on rather short briefs that reveal his slim thighs. He notices that another set of boys are rocking speedos and wonders when the prom committee turned into the porn committee. It feels a bit weird studying another guy so closely, Kyuhyun turns away. He realizes that he could move into a spot and does so.

The first attendant who approaches him is a bubbly girl by the name of Hica. She collects his payment before instructing another girl by the name of Suzy to start washing his vehicle. He stays in the vehicle, sending a text to Yesung, asking where the other boy is.

Suzy has started using the hose on his car but every few seconds she catches his eye through the windshield and smirks seductively at him. Kyuhyun gets out of the car just as Suzy starts scrubbing his windshield with her breasts. She frowns at him, wondering why he didn’t stay to enjoy the display.

He gets a text back from Yesung. Just as he’s reading it, someone bumps him on the hip.

“Luna?” he eyes her grin then lowers his gaze to take in the fact that she’s wearing a very skimpy bikini. It’s purple and lilac patterned, very colorful, very…

“You look like you should be in James Bond porno or something”

Instead of being offended, Luna strikes a sort of Charlie’s Angels pose, sending him a wink,

“Sex sells. And the committee is willing to overlook our…” she glances down at her breasts, “partial nudity, once they make good, earnest cash and we don’t try to fuck the customers”

“Hm, tell that to my car. I think Suzy is about to give it herpes or something”

He points his thumb behind him, directing Luna’s gaze to where he left Suzy and his car.

Luna giggles at what she sees, causing Kyuhyun to turn around. Suzy is now flirting with another customer while washing Kyuhyun’s car. She’s sitting on his hood, chatting idly while his car is still a mess of soap suds and water spots.

He takes a breath to say something but Luna holds up both of her hands innocently.

“You’ve already paid for the service. If you don’t like it you can take your car back home and wash it yourself. No refunds”

He rolls his eyes, “Where’s my petite fromage?”

Luna quirks an eyebrow at him, giving him a tentative look, “I may not be good at English but I rock at French. You just asked me where is my little cheese?”


Fromage sounded so exotic. He’s been using it quite often these past days.

“Someone’s going to suck on their French finals” she singsongs giddily.

Kyuhyun holds up both his hands, forming a cross and aims it at her head. “You are bad luck. I banish you demon!”

Luna makes a dramatic hissing sound. They only stop fooling around when Yesung dashes past Luna and engulfs Kyuhyun in a hug. The trainer is so caught off guard by it that he remains stunned in silence for a couple of seconds. It looks like their beginning to overlook that no touching rule. Fuck yeah!

“How much have you donated so far?” Is the first thing out of Yesung’s mouth.

Kyuhyun scoffs, giving his boyfriend the stink eye, “I haven’t seen you all day and the first thing you say when we meet up is how much money have I given out? I feel so used. What? Am I just a piggy bank for your own selfish…”

A finger to his lips shuts him up.

“Hello Kyuhyun” Yesung greets him sweetly.

The trainer rolls his eyes, but answers, “Hi baby, how are you today?”

Yesung gently pulls off of him, giving Kyuhyun the chance to study what he’s wearing. There is something familiar about the lemon colored shirt. It’s only when his eyes catch a glimpse of Yesung’s exposed legs that Kyuhyun realizes that this was the boy he had been analyzing earlier.

‘My eyes seem to have a built in detector for finding Yesung in a crowd’

He allows himself to smile at the thought.

Leaning until his mouth is alongside Yesung’s ear, he whispers, “Babe. Even with that shirt on you’re still the hottest guy here”

Yesung chuckles in response.

Kyuhyun watches as his boyfriend turns away to discuss something with Luna, admiring his newly compact form. Yesung’s body has most definitely seen a significant change over the past few months and Kyuhyun is proud of his boyfriend for accomplishing the weight loss. His eyes stray to Yesung’s ass and instead of being turned on like he usually is, he is frozen in shock at just how short the briefs seem to be.

They have ridden up a little and the material has folded itself upwards, cupping Yesung’s bum and making the mounds of flesh look scrumptious. Not to mention the briefs are obviously damp and Yesung is going commando which just makes the material stick to his flesh like an art.

Looking around, Kyuhyun eyes the crowd warily; there were probably so many guys here who were breaking their necks to perv on unsuspecting people like Yesung who were unaware of the effects their bodies had on others.

Not even thinking about his actions, Kyuhyun strides toward Yesung, ensuring that he was shielding the back of his boyfriend from unwanted attention. He reached down and began to tug the hem of Yesung’s t-shirt.


Thankfully the shirt was able to stretch enough and he managed to get it to cover Yesung’s ass from view.

“Hey-what are-“

He tugs the edge of the briefs down from where they had ridden up. Yesung shoves his face roughly.

“Would you control yourself!?” Yesung continues to tug down his briefs, glaring at Kyuhyun who just smiles contently that his boyfriend was now mostly covered appropriately.

Luna sends Kyuhyun a wink. While Yesung fumes at Kyuhyun’s disregard for personal space Luna moves towards him.

She tiptoes a little and whispers to him, “If you hadn’t done it then I would’ve been forced to throw a towel over him. I’ve had to threaten 4 guys and 9 random girls so far”

Kyuhyun growls at the thought of guys hitting on Yesung. He would have never thought himself to be the possessive type, but when it came to Yesung, he could not seem to control that side of him.

They both look at Yesung, who is pouting at them in bewilderment. The shorter boy tilts his side to the side, “What? Is there something on my face?” he glares at Luna, as if she had put some sort of dirt on him, his hands moving to scrub at his jaw and forehead.

Kyuhyun reaches out, grabs Yesung’s wrists and pulls his hands away from his face.

“How many cars have you washed?” he loops an arm over Yesung’s shoulder.

The shorter boy beams up at him with pride, “Only two so far, it’s hard work but I’m pretty good at it. My arms are going to be well muscled by the end of the day”

Kyuhyun offers to wash a few cars too, not caring if he got his clothes soaked. Siwon and G Dragon show up while Kyuhyun is watching Yesung and Luna hose water forcefully at someone’s tires.

He is anxiously waiting for Yesung to finish up. The other boy has the tendency to bend over rather naughtily and the stupid briefs constrict whorishly around his ass.

Siwon notices this also and gapes in shock. Kyuhyun glares hatefully at the other boy, practically warning him to keep him to stop gawking at Yesung. Siwon disappears shortly after that and Kyuhyun is left seething as he wonders if the other boy had rushed to the bathroom to jerk off at the image of Yesung’s bum. He comforts himself by repeating the fact that Yesung would only be a fantasy to Siwon, he would never, EVER, get his grubby hands on Yesung.

When Siwon returns, GD and Kyuhyun are washing a female student’s car. Unsurprisingly the other boy ignores Kyuhyun and makes a beeline for Yesung. Kyuhyun throws down his sponge, following after Siwon to ensure he doesn’t make any sudden gestures.

Siwon holds out a bag to Yesung. His boyfriend smiles and accepts it, checking the contents before reaching in to pull out…pair of swim trunks?

There’s still a tag on it.

‘The bastard had left to buy Yesung trunks?’

“Thanks Siwon! I got stuck wearing this” Yesung indicates their attention to his briefs. Siwon stares for a bit too long and so Kyuhyun has to flick him on the back of the neck to draw his attention away from Yesung’s crotch. “It’s embarrassing that I only have one pair of swim trunks and on the day I needed it, I find out it’s still in the wash”

“I figured. I had a new pair in my car” Siwon states shyly. Kyuhyun is not fooled.

But apparently Yesung is.

“Really? Wow, how fortunate for me”

Yesung grins sweetly. He pulls off the tag and begins climbing into the trunks. Once the new piece of clothing is covering the briefs Kyuhyun cannot help but grin a little.

He grudgingly gives Siwon a thankful nod. Siwon rolls his eyes,

“I didn’t do it for you” he strolls away.

“Asshole” Kyuhyun mutters under his breath.



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